Most of us go to work at some stage in our lives, bringing home the bacon to feed the whānau. Whether you self manage or are part of a working community: whether you work outside or at a desk, sweat it out in physical labour or beat the brains with hard-out head work, there are things you can do to protect that man frame and keep yourself in good nick.

If you work outside the sun can be your biggest challenge. If you are at a desk, sitting all day can be your silent nemesis. Are you in the right shape for physical work? High stress head work can wreak havoc on your nerves and create a lot of tension. Better managing your work environment to better manage your own health is not hard, if you know how.



Worksafe Website

WorkSafe New Zealand or WorkSafe, but never WorkSafe NZ and absolutely never OSH – that brand was retired in 2005.  The ‘s’ in our name is always capped. WorkSafe conducts workplace assessments, investigations and provide guidance and information.







Workplace Resources - Wellplace Website

This kiwi website is a tool shed for any work place health theme covering mental health, alcohol, eating well, smoking etc.  This site contains a heck of a lot of tools including downloadable powerpoint presentations, posters, brochures, videos, signage, case studies and a whole lot more.




Function/Catering Guidelines

Function/Catering guidelines

To provide nutritional advice regarding in house catering in order to reflect current nutrition and cancer evidence. 

Healthy catering advice and guidelines 

Managing Cancer in the Workplace

How to help an Employee or Workmate with Cancer

This Information Sheet gives advice on how to help an employee or workmate with cancer.

How to help an employee or workmate with cancer

For HR Managers Cancer in the Workplace

Cancer in the workplace – for HR managers

More people diagnosed at earlier stages and surviving cancer, many of working age - productivity and continuing employment must be addressed by patients and employers. A supportive work environment leads to higher rates of cancer survivors returning to work

For HR Managers Cancer in the Workplace (PPT)



Legal, Insurance and Employment Issues

Legal, Insurance and Employment issues

This Information Sheet aims to provide some guidelines about your insurance and legal options as a result of being diagnosed with cancer.

Guidelines about your insurance and legal options if you are diagnosed with cancer