Quitting smoking is not only good for you, it’s the best role modelling you could do for your children. It’s about whānau. 

Improve your sexual performance – STOP SMOKING!!

As well as looking awful, smelling bad and messing with your mojo, smoking can lead to impotence (no erection), lung cancer, poor eyesight, lower fitness levels, heart and gum disease.

Butt Out Now! Give up tobacco and save yourself around $5,000 per year – that’s what the average smoker spends – and gift yourself another 15 – 20 years of quality living. 

Key Points:

  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in New Zealand

  • Tobacco kills half of long-term users

  • Smoking increases the risk of many cancers - not only lung

  • Smoking can lead to impotence

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