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 Men's Health Trust NZ 

The Men’s Health Trust New Zealand is a not-for-profit Trust established in 2007 as a national charity.

We desperately want to change the way men think about their health and encourage them to proactively visit their doctors and take responsibility for living healthy lives.

New Zealand men go to a doctor three times less than women. They die from 3,000 preventable deaths every year – one every three hours. Of the ten most common causes of death facing New Zealanders, men top all of them.

Many of these deaths could have been prevented or conditions treated earlier if men took better care of themselves. These preventable deaths are caused by smoking, obesity and diabetes, alcohol and driving, mental health and suicide, cancers and heart attacks.


Mana Tane Ora

Mana Tane Ora O Aotearoa 

Mana Tane Ora o Aotearoa the National Māori Mens Health Coalition (Provider), was mandated at the inaugural conference held in June 2009. The inception of a National Māori Mens Health Coalition is underpinned by a call for proactive responsiveness to the relatively poor health statistics and lower life expectancy of Māori men, and the need for nationally networked approaches and strategies to address the health and social issues of Māori men in Aotearoa.

In addition, Mana Tane Ora o Aotearoa will work to capture, collate and be a repository for information/data relevant to Māori men’s health, and will perform the role of a clearing house for that information/data to members and relevant networks.

Healthy Bastards Link

 International Healthy Bastards Club - Dr Dave Baldwin

Dr Dave Baldwin is a GP based in Bulls, who also operates New Zealand's first and only Flying Doctor service which provides an aviation medical service to pilots in remote areas of New Zealand.

If it’s true that laughter is the best medicine then Dr Dave Baldwin’s ‘Healthy Bastards’ is the essential prescription for every bloke who wants to know more about his health. Using his trademark humour and plain language, Doctor Dave takes the pain out of illness by explaining all common health problems and major diseases that affect the average Bloke.  GTT will be posting each of Dr Daves weekly health tip on our website.


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Dr Tom on a mission

Dr Tom Mulholland is an Emergency Department Doctor and GP with over 25 years’ experience in New Zealand. He has worked in Kaitaia Hospital in the North to Southland Hospital and the Sub Antarctic Islands as a doctor. He has worked in Tologa Bay, Chatham Islands, Papamoa in the east to Raglan, Taranaki and Greymouth in the west. He has hosted his own TV and Radio shows, written two internationally best-selling books and been a professional speaker to the likes of Google, Microsoft and Hilton for the last 10 years.

As most of what Dr Tom sees in his current role in Auckland City hospital emergency Department is preventable, he has decided to go on the road for the next five years in his retro ambulance doing house calls and trying to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff. Dr Tom and his team are going old school doing house calls and trying to raise 1 million $$ for St John ambulance.
We will be tackling Health Villains such as diabetes, smoking and cancer and seeing how we can make a difference in your community and nationally with our webisodes and TV series.
So tell us your health problems, suggest a mission for Dr Tom and his team and we may drop in. We want to find and fix diseases before it’s too  late.  We are looking for good stories that we can share and save others from disease and unnecessary suffering.


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Prostate Cancer Foundation NZ 


The Prostate Cancer Foundation has a significant role in promoting public awareness of this disease. With over 3000 New Zealand men being diagnosed each year, and with early detection leading to better outcomes, it is important that men are aware of the signs of potential disease and also of the checking and screening tests that are available from their doctor.

Each year Blue September has a major focus on promoting awareness of prostate cancer. We encourage businesses and community groups to join in with their own promotions as part of this awareness campaign.

Peer Support

Throughout New Zealand more than 30 support groups meet with the primary purpose of supporting men, and their partners and families, who are dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. These groups are co-ordinated, mainly by trained volunteers and meet monthly, or bi-monthly,  and provide opportunity for discussion and input from professionals involved with prostate cancer patients.

Our 0800 4Prostate (0800 477 678) Helpline is available to those who have questions  and concerns about any matters related to prostate cancer. Often these calls will be referred to a person with some experience of prostate cancer or will provide information on where professional advice may be available......


 Phil Kerslake - Helping people navigate cancer journeys

Phil Kerslake

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes. Cancer is now the biggest killer of our loved ones, our friends and our colleagues - it's as simple and as tragic as that. Meanwhile my life experience provides me with a rare understanding of the challenges of the cancer journey and how to cope with them for best possible outcomes.

Most of my work takes the form of presenting to groups and writing for mass audiences. I speak to forums for patients and their families as well as to cancer support staff and medical professionals on topics that are relevant to my objective, which is to encourage people to:

  • Be active participants in their recovery journeys
  • Acknowledge and manage their emotional stresses
  • Create and coach 'healing teams' around them
  • Employ down-to-earth mind, body and spirit measures to their causes
  • Enhance the quality of their lives during and after their cancer battles