So you’re The Man. Head of the family. And whether you wear the pants or just pretend to, there’s a fair bit of responsibility with that boss-man position you’re in. The health and welfare of your whānau is in your hands. 

You know the saying “happy wife, happy life” and ain’t that the truest thing! Having a happy and healthy home is the key to a strong family unit. 

There are a lot of ways in which we can create happy, healthy lives. What we eat, how we exercise and what we stuff into our lifestyle is important, as is how well we communicate and how much time we spend together as a family. 

Having a happy, healthy family life is more than 5+ a day and a run around the block. On a scale of 1 -10, how would you rate your family unit's general ‘health’? It’s worth considering.

Healthy Family Living

A family that plays together, stays together. 

Spending time together is a vital part of protecting and building a functional family. Making time every week for “family time” can be a great way to build a happy home. There are lots of things to do and experiences to be had in any community. You can build on the hobbies and sports you share, or find out about what’s around in your area from your library or community centre.

Encouraging eating well, sleeping well, playing well and communicating well is the best thing Kiwi blokes can do for their family. When your family unit is strong, healthy and happy, you will find you can work together better to overcome setbacks that might occur. 

We can never guarantee what’s around the corner, but being the best we can be puts us in a great position to meet it head on and come off a winner. It’s all about whānau.

Contact our cancer nurses for family health tips: or ph 0800 CANCER (226 237)

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Sun protection for babies and toddlers

Sun protection for babies and toddlers

The Cancer Society advises sun protection when the Ultraviolet Index (UVI), which measures the intensity of ultraviolet radiation (UVR), is 3 or above. The peak UVR period is between early October and late March, especially between 10 am and 4 pm.

Sun protection for babies and toddlers

Check out the Best Hats for Your Protection

Check out the best hats for your sun protection

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in New Zealand. Over 400 people die from melanoma and other skin cancers each year, and our skin cancer rates are one of the highest in the world. Yet, skin cancer can be prevented in most cases. 

Check out the Best Hats for Your Protection Website

Sunsmart schools – a link to the Cancer Society’s schools programme, helping to reduce sun exposure among staff and students



Quit smoking for the ones you love

Quit smoking for the ones you love – how to keep yourself and your kids smokefree

Break the Cycle for your Children.
The most important thing you can do to keep your kids smokefree is to quit smoking yourself.

Quit smoking for the ones you love


Healthy Eating on a Budget.pdf

Healthy eating on a budget –great advice on good nutrition, shopping lists, what to keep in the pantry and recipes for lower cost family food

The aim of this information is to help you to make healthy and inexpensive choices through menu planning for your family and their packed lunch boxes. 

Healthy eating on a budget