When cancer hits…

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a huge challenge. It can throw a family into a tailspin. People deal with the news differently, and a melting pot of emotions, needs and concerns can become confusing. It might feel like you are working against each other at the very time when being united and together is the most important.

Cancer is not a journey for the diagnosed patient to walk alone; they carry their family and friends alongside them. Caring for the wellbeing of everyone involved is important. Whether it’s you, someone in your family, or a close friend that’s been diagnosed you will ALL be feeling the effects.

When you are dealing with cancer – yours, or someone close to you – you can say goodbye to your Superman cape. Things will get tough. Even for a Kiwi bloke. There is support out there, and it’s OK to ask for it. Here are some resources and contacts that can help. 

Tips and advice for helping your teenagers and young adults cope with your cancer diagnosis

Questions you may wish to askQuestions you may wish to ask

Ideas of questions to ask your doctor about your cancer. Contact the Cancer Society for this booklet in Māori, Samoan, Cook Island Māori, Tongan, Niuean, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Korean, Arabic, Gujarati or Hindi. 

Questions you may wish to ask



Skylight.org.nz Website


A NZ organisation supporting children and young people going through tough times in their life.